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  National Memorial - Cellular Jail

          Built over twelve years from 1896 to 1908 and home to hundreds of freedom fighters whose names are now engraved on the walls of its watch tower, the Cellular Jail stands as a symbol of colonial oppression, cruelty and untold suffering. Situated in the north-east corner of Port Blair, it is a national memorial now. The prison fanned out in seven wings, stands three stories high and contained a total of 698 cells. Three wings have been now destroyed to make way for a hospital, but a visit to the remaining can only give an indication of the horrors of incarceration. Daily work routines for the prisoners included the crushing of thirty pounds of coconut and mustard oil; being unable to meet the quota would result in severe punishment shackling and flogging. There are no records of how many died or were executed.

  Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor is at a distance of 29 Kms. from Port Blair covering an area of 281.5 Sq.Kms. This Marine Park made-up of open sea, creeks and 15 small and large islands, is one of the best found anywhere in the world. Viewing of rare corals and underwěde.

          Every afternoon, between 2 and 5pm, the Water Sports Complex, in north-west Port Blair, close to the Cellular Jail, comes alive with the purr of outboard motors. The is where you can rent a water scooter or speedboat, and ride the waves towards Ross Island, or even be launched into the air on a parasail for a fantastic view of the harbour. Children can be left in the safer haven of a calm seawater swimming pool.

  Gandhi Park

This beautiful park at Port Blair has facilities like amusement rides, safe water sports, nature trail around the lake, garden, restaurant and historic remains like Japanese Temple as well as a bunker. The erstwhile Dilthaman tank, which was the only source of drinking water to Port Blair, and the area around it has been developed into Gandhi Park in an unbelievably short time of 13 days.

  Mount Harriet

Port Blair is known for its scenic beauty and unparallel charm that provides one with the chance to rejuvenate and go back to their day-to-day lives in a much relaxed manner. One amongst the many tourist attractions of Port Blair is Mount Harriet. which is situated at a distance of 55 km from Port Blair.

Located at a height of 365 metre, the innate charisma and exquisiteness of Mount Harriet lures a lot of tourists each year. The top of the mountain is indeed famed for providing an outstanding view of the Port Blair city, along with the Havelock Island and the Ross Island. Further the island mountain is also popular for having served as the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner during British era. Moreover, the place also houses a local area for natural flora and fauna, Madhuban. Mount Harriet also provides its visitors a peep into the lives of uncommon endemic animals, birds and butterflies.


Chidiya Tapu is the southern most tip of South Andaman. Chidiya Tapu, also known as the bird island, is located 25kms from Port Blair in the southernmost tip of South Andaman. Chidiya Tapu is a small village with lush green mangroves, tranquil islands, and forest bestowed with numerous chirping birds, making it an ideal picnic spot.
Chidiya Tapu, well known for its rich collection of birds, white spotted deer and orchids, draws many visitors, and is a perfect place for nature lovers. The sky of Chidiya Tapu is filled with around 46 species of birds namely, drongos, hanging parrot, scarlet minivet, emerald dove, long-tailed and red-breasted parakeets, white-bellied sea eagles and grey-fronted and imperial green pigeons to name a few.

  Carbyn's Cove Beach

Soaked in beauty and serenity, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is an unspoiled soft sandy beach in Port Blair. Located picturesquely with the backdrop of lush green coconut trees and majestic sea, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a must visit place for the ones who want to experience nature at its best. The Corbyn’s Cove Beach was named after well known Henry Fisher Corbyn and is an ideal spot for sun basking and water sports activities. The beach is renowned for its glass-bottomed cruises, scuba diving and snorkelling, which is a perfect treat for an adventure enthusiast. The shimmering beach also houses a historical site, cellular jail, famously known as “Kaala Pani” which stands as a mute witness to the tortures resisted by our great freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this jail while fighting for India’s freedom. While going towards the beach, one also finds Japanese Bunkers and pliers which acts as a reminder of our old India.

  The Science Centre

The Science Centre is a tourist attraction in Andaman tourism spots where all aspects of geography and science are available. Different species of birds and butterfly as well as Amphibian sea plane are available. This is the favorite haunt of young kids so want to have more knowledge about the region and the topography as well.

  The Ross Islands

Ross Island is another beautiful Island near Port Blair. This island can be seen from the Marine Park of Port Blair. This Island the erstwhile capital for the most of Andaman Islands from 1858 until an earthquake in 1941. Ross Island was also the base for the British Administrator of the penal colony in Port Blair.In 1941, the Japanese converted the site into POW camp, and built war installations, remnants of which can still be seen. Ross Island is located very near to Port Blair and thus can be easily reached within few minutes. Regular ferries connect the island with Port Blair Marine Park.An added perk is the number of Peacocks, Deer and Ducks you can spot at the Island.

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